Stroke explained to Kids!

The availability of stroke information for children important for them to understand what is going on, especially when a close member of the family is affected.

Parents often have limited information themselves and from a child's perspective it can be frightening and very sad to stand by helplessly knowing even less about what has happened, whether or not they can help and the likely outcome.

Kids don't understand

Stroke symptoms being experienced by a grandparent that a child could find distressing may include palsy or paralysis of one side of the body and as a result not being able to use both hands to hold cutlery to eat or to walk unassisted; being unable to speak or speaking in an unintelligible manner and being tearful at inappropriate moments.

Why was the book written?

I had worked with patients who had had a stroke for many years in my capacity as a student nurse and also as a Registered Nurse and it occurred to me one day, that there was absolutely no literature at all available that I was aware of about Strokes for I resolved to change that.

The end result was this little children's book, "Grandpa Had A Stroke" It was well received among families, special interest groups and libraries particularly in Australia and now is available as an e-book internationally.

Strokes are very common

Population growth, changes in lifestyle and advances in medicine mean that the number of older persons in our society will rise. Many of them will live to become very old.

An unavoidable part of old age is change in the structure and function of the human body. One of the most common and significant changes is the narrowing and blockage of arteries, which in turn can lead to diseases such as stroke.

When I was young, having a stroke almost always meant you died, or you were destined to a life of a complete invalid and in the wider community there was much lack of understanding of the stroke person's disability and needs.

Now, thanks to the advances in medicine, treatment, therapy and rehabilitation techniques in general many stroke sufferers return to a good quality of life afterwards.

Readers of all ages and particularly children, will find that their ability to relate to and support stroke sufferers will be greatly helped by the knowledge and message of hope that this excellent little book provides

What's the story about?

The strong, vital and active grandfather of a little girl, awoke one morning with the symptoms of having had a stroke, palsy down one side of his body and unable to communicate very well. This story looks sensitively at the whole situation, the grieving process of the family and their involvement in his treatment, therapy and recovery.

Illustrations and resources

Younger children, aged 8-12 years, with a grandparent or relative having had a stroke would definitely benefit from reading this book.

The book is illustrated in a fun and often, poignant way. It includes a special note for parents and teachers and local, national and international resources.

Patient information, care information and research information can be found via websites given with national and international reources.

This excellent introduction to Stroke for children, is just one click away........the subject matter is very timely, well researched and easily understood.

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About the author

Elizabeth Gray was a registered nurse for over 30 years. Much of her work was concerned with the rehabilitation and management of degenerative diseases. To learn more about Elizabeth's other publications:

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